Sell your tours through Jin Travel

What is Jin Travel ? Jin Travel is a web project which makes easy ordering hotels, flights abd tours. If you have a travel agency then you can register your company, sell your tours and get more customers.

What are the advantages of Jin Travel ? The main advantage is - each company has their own travel management panel. You can add and sell any number of tours. Another advantage - not only you, also your team can manage tours in the panel seperately. Another advantage - Jin Travel does not add any additional price to the price you set for your tours.

In the management panel you can use these modules:

  • Company settings - You can edit your company details. Such as logo, phone numbers, location on the map, payment types for the tour, bank account details etc.

  • Company team - You can add your team members and give them privileges to manage your tours

  • Incoming tours - If you sell incoming tours you can add and sell them

  • Tour orders - You can track orders for your tours, see payment type, if payment was made or not, number of persons for the tour order.

  • Profile - Each team member of your company can change their profile

You can work with Jin Travel with 18.00 % comission or you can write us about what comission you would like to work with us.