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Frequently asked questions


What types of tours do we have?

We have 2 types of tours:

1. Individual -  only for you, your family and friends.

2. Public / group - anyone can participate in this type of tours


How to contact author of a tour ?

We give online chat feature for each author. Go to the tour view page and click Write me button. You will be redirected to chat page with the author. There you can chat with them online.


At what time do the tour start ?

Each tour can have it own one or more start date and time. You can select any available date and time which is suitable for you/


How to make payment ?

After you select tour date, start time and price approve it. Then fill your customer details. After that you will see payment by Paypal or Card. Choose the method which you want and after that you can make your payment online


How to order a tour ?

First go to Tours page. Search and select any tour you want. Read the tour details, itineraries, price rates. After that select available date, price rate, start time and number of travellers from the calendar on the right side. Then you will move to Complete order page. Write your contact details, select payment method and make payment online. You will get an email which contains all necessary information about the order.


How much do I pay online for a tour ?

You will see total price and the price which you need to pay after you select tour date, start time, price rate and number of travellers. The amount to pay online is 20% of total amount.

Example: If total price is 1000 USD then you will pay 20% - 200 USD online. The rest - 800 USD you will pay on place directly to the tour author.


How to cancel order and return money ?

First go to My tour orders page. Find the order which you want to cancel. If the order can be cancelled then there will be a Cancel button on right side. Click to that button write cancellation reason and submit. After the author approves the cancellation will will return the amount of money which can be returned back. The amount of money which can be returned depends on cancellation policy of tour.


Our group is larger than indicated in the excursion

If the number of tourists in your group is more than indicated in the tour description, you can check with the author in the chat if he agrees to adjust the terms of the tour for your company.