Prague Castle Grounds & Highlights

Prague Castle Grounds & Highlights

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Prague Castle Grounds & Highlights

This is Prague Castle in the most time efficient way!

Meet your local friendly guide and hear the story that spans over a thousand years. From the tribal foundations and medieval fortification, through the age of imperial city, world wars and communism dark age, all the way to the so-called Velvet revolution and today’s governmental democracy. This walk aims to provide you with a historical context and a tailor-made source of information.

The route includes such high-profile sights as the Saint Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, Golden Lane and more, it features famous figures like Charles IV., Vaclav Havel, Rudolf II., Franz Kafka and others.

The castle complex is so large it’s easy to lose a precious time here - therefore, this tour was designed to show you “the best of”, we walk through the castle grounds and exteriors. After that, you have an option to stay even longer, purchase the ticket and visit the selected interiors.

This is a guided tour inside the castle grounds and only covers exteriors - you are able to see the exterior of buildings and the palace grounds. For the entrance to the buildings, you can purchase OPTIONAL circuit B tickets and spend another 1-3 hours in the Castle after we finish this tour. Our tour is designed to provide you with the orientation and historical overview.

Circuit B tickets needed to visit selected interiors are optional and extra, these are possible to purchase inside the castle. Golden Lane is also now part of circuit B and only possible to visit (in day hours) with the optional ticket, but we will show you entrance and provide you with information.

We also want to tell you about history and Prague in general on this tour, that is all relevant for the Prague Castle context. We will be happy to give you local’s recommendations for whatever you want to do here, so you can enjoy your stay and avoid all the traps.

To enter the castle grounds, there is no entrance fee. We will pass through the security gate.

Day - 1

You explore the castle complex. The route includes such major sights as the Saint Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, Golden Lane and more. You get to see the castle guards and one of the most iconic panorama views.

Prague Castle
Saint Vitus Cathedral (incl. part of interior)
Old Royal Palace
Golden Lane entrance
St. George Basilica
Castle guards
View of the Lesser Town

02 Aug 2022 - 02 Aug 2023
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